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A brief story of how Fresh Drips came about…

Fresh Drips is the brain child of Brian Strong who as a kid enjoyed everything associated with art and design. Being an 80′s baby he was heavily influenced by the pop culture, animation and the emerging hip hop culture.

Fast forward to his senior year of high school and unaware of what profession he wanted to go into, the answer would walk in to his screen printing class on day.

On that day they had a guest speaker from a local technical school talking about the programs they offer and the program that intrigued him was Graphic Design. All his life he enjoyed drawing and designing, so he was shocked that you can actually get paid being creative, he was hooked.

Two years went by like a flash and it was time to do a mandatory internship as part of the curriculum, luckily they had a company which was a Sign Shop in his hometown.

After completing the internship it was time to graduate and with the school having 200+ kids to find a job for, overwhelmed was an understatement for the placement staff. Not willing to just wait, he busted out a phone book and called every company that would have a need for a Graphic Artist.

Finally after calling numerous companies one took him on, it was a small advertising agency / exhibit company and right off the bat he was part of the team which meant doing anything and everything, from answering phones to designing brochures, ads, exhibit graphics, cleaning exhibits, inventory.

After 9 years the company eventually closed up shop, it was bittersweet, while he enjoyed and learned a lot he yearned to start his own Design Studio ever since he enrolled in school and now he can finally do it.

In 2011 he opened Fresh Drips, a design / screen printing shop in his hometown and from then on business and his client list has grown every year and as a result of that he created divisions within Fresh Drips to help cater to different market segments.

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